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No grinding of gears when the road suddenly dips and rises as it does continually on small roads, and the bike feels more responsive.

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Fatbikes, or at least their permanent purpose beyond obscurity, were a mystery to me.

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The smallest chainring is often 24t and the largest 48t with a 36t servicing the middle gears.

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As you can see from the table this bike has a gear inch range of 19 to 103 (smallest number to largest number).When riding my bike I have to constantly keep pressure on the shift trigger to keep my rear gears from switching.

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Many of these bikes are of very high quality, but are going unused either because of older technology in the gearing, or because their racing-style riding position no longer suits the needs of their aging owners.

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Most of the newer ones are now designed to shift under load but just as you mentioned with external gears, they perform a bit better when you ease off.

Riding a bicycle without brakes sounds like a rash move, but a wave of cyclists are eschewing traditional bikes for a stripped-down machine known as a fixed-gear.

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Folding bikes call for a certain set of accessories, like lightweight bags to store and carry, custom racks to fit smaller frames, and more.

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The re-engineered bar end has improved ergonomics, function and a higher quality feel.

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However, when it comes to headwinds, hill climbing, and even starting on a bicycle without gears--the cyclist has to stand on his pedals and strain while pedaling at a very low rate.

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The Continuum gets its name from the continuously variable transmission (CVT) hub located on the rear wheel that gives the bike a spectrum of gears rather than a fixed number.

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A worn chain measures just a tad longer between the pins, and does not mesh well with the gears on the bike, all of which are carefully made to mesh perfectly when the pins are half an inch from each other.

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If you want easy on joints, easy pedaling and comfort, bikes without gears are not for you.Certainly old internal hubs did require you to stop pedaling for at least a second to shift.

Bike Gears and Shifting Basics When riding a bike, your body can only produce so much power before you run out of energy.It depends on the terrain, the road conditions, the distance, your personal preference and aesthetics.